Monday, December 5, 2011

Persephone Needs Ear Surgery

About four months ago, I went to pick up a horse in Ocala, Florida for my training
business, Avalo farm. Emily, one of my working students, came along for the ride to
keep me company. We stayed at an RV park which housed far too many
feral (and population growing) felines. 

None I could handle except one very frail and weak female who was very friendly
and probably far too sick to run off even if she wanted to. Every time she got up to
move around a small section of the stairs she almost fell over. She must have
weighed 3 lbs and was pregnant. She also had an upper respiratory infection and
a horrific ear infection with a dime sized, angry looking, puralent,
cancerous tumour in her left ear. We named her Persephone and packed
her up in a box and brought her home to SC.

Persephone with her newborn kittens 

 Since then her URI has cleared up, she had her kittens and they have been weaned. 
With regular good food she now weighs about 5 lbs. She is happy and loves other 
cats and our dogs too! It's now time for her to be spayed now that she's healthier 
and to have her tumour removed (which is now the size of a grape)! See picture 
below of the tumour after a good cleaning and ointment applied to her cheek.

Please, if you are able to help, we have created a 'chipin' fund to help us with Persephone's 
ear surgery. We are working on our 501c3 but right now everything is out of 
our own pockets here at the farm. Any support is greatly appreciated!

You can also see more pictures of Persephone at our Facebook site:

Tertius - one of Persephone's kids

Many thanks for being friends 
of Avalo Cat Sanctuary.
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