Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catalina's Journey

 "Catalina" Week 1

Catalina in her condo

She needs only a brief introduction as many of you know her story well. Her future has opened up thanks to so many wonderful people. She is charging full speed ahead (literally) and enjoying the life a cat should.

Catalina rode home with me from Kentucky after I attended a Feline Conservation Federation convention for 3 days. We rode home quietly and arrived with no stress after a nine hour trip. Catalina's condo here is a middle apartment with another F1, Leo on one side, and 4 other lovely Bengal girls on the other side. 

Front view of condo - outdoor sections are in the back

Her first few days here she was not interested in food. She would hide in or behind her little houses that Dr Keener had sent with her. I tried a smorgasboard of various foods as a cat that won't eat can get in trouble fast. She woul dhave none of it, but started to nibble on her dry food at night when ther was no commotion around her. I was certain she could use a bit of a diet and more exercise anyway! There is a nice windowed door that she can look out into the yard and see the other cats frolicking, chasing each other and the dogs (yes the cats rule here...). She just wanted to stay at the back of her room and pretend not to be seen.

She used her litterbox well for bowel movements but not really for urinating. She certainly was not a happy camper when it came time to express her bladder. Break out the cat gloves, pee pads and towel was the routine and she knew it! My years of being a vet tech always comes in handy. It seemed her bladder needed doing every 3-4 days, I could tell when she started to leak more it was time for attention. That also involved much grumbling and growling on her part and when we were done she couldn't get away fast enough. Poor girl :( She never tried to bite or scratch, she was just very untrusting and scared of people and things being done to her. She wanted to appear threatening but inside I knew there was a special girl wanting to be understood.

By the end of the week, she settled in a bit better, eating at night and exploring her digs. I could see her looking out the window every time I came out, and then she would pretend not to be seen and then scamper off as I walked near the door. I so wanted to see how she used her hind end, and once she slowed down I would get a better assessment. I was looking forward to week 2 and introducing her to the clicker!