Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avalo Cats

Julia - Bengal  Julia came from a nice home in NC but was having challenges with cat aggression and inappropriate urination. She is now Avalo Cat Sanctuary's Queen!
Welcome to Avalo Cats first blog! We are a Cat Sanctuary for Hybrid and Domestic Felines. We offer Hybrids a home when they are just not fitting into "regular" households due to various reasons (aggression, inappropriate urination issues, medical concerns that make it difficult for them to be adopted etc). Of course, Domestics are welcome as well and if healthy with 
no "issues" we try to find them their forever home.

Liger - DSH  Liger was found as a stray and cared for by Full Gallop Farm & The Aiken Cat Alliance before being adopted by us! Liger is THE best fetcher in the house and put our dogs to shame!

It a super time of year to introduce you to our resident cats here at Avalo Cat Sanctuary. To overwhelm you right from the get-go here are the names of all of our Cats: Hoyt; Didi, Fox, Capri, Reuben, Monkey, Breezy, Bianca, Chasity, Roo, Pahktek, Dauphin, Jubel, Ses, Ame, Hidey, Liger, Layla, Skye, Zach, Nala, Puma, Baby, Calais, Baler, Wink, Tobi, TicTac, Yarts, Janie, Flint, Gary, Hamlet, Conan, Juno, Duffie, Pixie, Trixie, Hannah, Carter, Tristan, Julia, Scully, Mully, Khonsu and Kemisi. That's a grand total of 47 Felines!!

Puma - Bengal  Puma also came from NC from a retired breeder who just was not in a good situation to keep him and his siblings. He is long, slender and sleek like a cheetah and has a very distinguished Bengal meow!
 We have 2 Savannah Cats, 2 Chausie Cats and 10 Bengal Cats.  They are all spayed and neutered except "Yarts" ("stray" backwards), he has been a feral showing up consistantly for the past few months and only now is he letting me touch him at feeding time only. All of the cats certainly don't get along all of the time, but for the most part they sort their heirarchy out pretty well. One group tends to hang around the barn, another group near the front porch and then also a group on the back porch. They all can be seen following us at horse feeding time around the property hoping it will be their feeding time shortly after. Wink and Baler, the sneaks of the gang, slide in through the front and back doors to mooch quite often.

Baler - DSH  Baler's Mom was accidentally killed in a hay baler when he was only 3 or 4 weeks old. He has somewhat of an overbite but it sure doesn't affect his eating habits!

On our website our cats will soon have their own page so you can read about each one's history and how they came to be part of our Avalo Cat Sanctuary Team. 

Please follow our blog and share our news with your friends if you love cats as much as we do! Join us at Facebook and Twitter at avalocatsanctuary for lots of cat info, pictures, breed information, health, behaviour and care tips and more!

Time for a catnap - purr ya later!

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